Laguna Niguel Stylist: Seven Tips For Glamorous Hair

Laguna Niguel Stylist: Seven Tips For Glamorous Hair

1. Be consistent about your trims. Summer can really damage and split your ends.

2. Wear a hat at the beach, in your convertible or out in the park.

3. Shampoo your hair less in the summer to retain more moisture throughout the hot summer days.

4. Keep in mind that hair can also get sunburn just like your scalp and skin. You must protect from any sun exposure using proper hair care products.

5. During the summer hair must be treated more delicate! Keep in mind to use the most moisturizing and gentle shampoo and conditioners.

6. Braid your hair when wet and when it dries; you will be left with big, soft loose waves.

7. For extra conditioning, apply deep conditioner or a hair mask and wrap a shower cap just before bedtime. Allowing treatment to soak into damaged hair overnight will allow for a deep penetration and repair the damage.